Friday, July 6, 2012

Things that go boom!!....

Had a super fantastic 4th!  It is my favorite holiday and the food and the fireworks did not disappoint.  I think I inhaled too much smoke of the yellow and blue variety....those smoke bombs are intense...but aside from that we had a blast! Pun intended. :)

Hope you all had a safe, and happy 4th also!!

Much love and hope to be around these parts a little more often.

Until next time,
Love, Life, & Ice Cream


  1. good times had! my gf has been in florida for about a month and she went to some celebrations. i wonder where you got to

  2. It was of my favorite holidays too! Glad you had a good one :).

  3. What a fun picture! Now I kind of want to play with fire as well.. :)




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